Games & Drills

Games are a great way to enjoy a day at the shooting range. We've created many games and tactical scenarios that help improve you and your buddy's skills.


Let's not lie to ourselves, this may happen tomorrow or ten years from now. Doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared. Choose the number of attackers you would like to take on. As they pop up for a variable amount of time, knock them down with a shot on target. Knock out all your targets and go on to live another day. Take too long to engage and lose a life. Lose 3 lives, and we hate to break it to you, but let's hope the apocalypse doesn't happen anytime soon. Think of this as your standard game of wack-a-mole, but with an AR-15!


Cognitive Callouts

No trainer needed, just LitHit. Place 3, 5, or 8 LitHit targets downrange and let LitHit do the rest. Your smartphone will call out objects or colors such as "banana" or "blue". At the same time, targets will light up various colors. Shoot the matching target called out as fast as you can. Engage the wrong target and we'll have to take a trip back to art class.


Dueling Trees

Want to shoot dueling trees? Don't have a steel setup? That's okay, LitHit has it covered. LitHit's version of dueling trees is the wonderful classic game we know and love, but with a modern twist. Not only will you have to accurately race against your partner, you'll have to race against the clock. Land those shots before time runs out!


Free shoot

The most simple form of LitHit and where the idea originally started. Hit your mark and LitHit will illuminate. Great for distance target acquisition or for instantaneous feedback on paper and cardboard targets much like the ting of steel. Works great on steel as well if that ting is too far to hear.


Exactly as it sounds. All LitHit targets will be illuminated, hit your target to turn off the light. Knock them all out, win, and reset! Take too long and start from the beginning.


Shoot, No Shoot

Practice makes perfect. You'll never know when your skills might be put to the test. This drill will really test your concentration, as all LitHit targets will be repeatedly flashing between red and green. After a random amount of time, one or more assailants will show themselves by flipping to solid green. Shoot within the specified time window to save the day or miss and let the assailant get away. Fate lies in your hands.


Simon Says

Just as the name says it! LitHit's version of Simon Says is 100% like the original game, but now you remember and shoot the changing targets with your personal arsenal. LitHit will start off by illuminating all the targets with the color and sequence. All the targets will then change to a random assortment of colors. It is then your opportunity to take aim and put your accuracy and memory to the test. Play until you can't remember any or you deplete your ammo cache. Which will come first?


All of these games and drills will be included with LitHit. We are adding more and more as we go!

What is LitHit?

LitHit creates smart shooting targets that light up on impact. Our device connects to an in-range tablet and helps improve your skills with real-time analytics and games.

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