Frequently Asked Questions

What if I hit the device?

The device is protected by an AR500 steel plate angled downward at 20 degrees. If you do happen to hit the device, the light lens can easily be replaced.

What if I hit the clip?

The clip is extremely small and located on the edge of the target. Every device comes with one extra clip. If you do hit it, they are very cheap to replace.

Does it know exactly where I hit?

No, our current device detects a hit vs. no hit. Since we retrofit to traditional targets, it isn’t feasible with this product. LitHit will get there in the far future, but we are starting simple and leaning toward reliability and affordability for consumers. There are targets on the market that detect exact location, but cost in the range of thousands of dollars. We designed this target to be better suited for action sports rather than high accuracy marksmanship.

What types of targets can I use?

You can use most traditional paper, cardboard, and metal targets on the market. LitHit retrofits to the targets you typically use. We have not tested all targets, but it should work for most. Very thin paper target likely won’t work well, but sturdier cardstock works much better.

What smartphone can I use?

Smartphones or tablets that are BLE 4 compatible are required. Newer smartphones are preferred. Android and iOS will both be supported, but likely rolled out at different times.

How do I mount it?

The device comes with a solid clamp and pivot mount (like a GoPro). This can fit and grip to many different scenarios. Outdoor is likely a 2x4 and indoor you can use the rail systems metal guard to clamp to.

How many devices can I connect?

We will have support for up to 6 devices. Some older smartphones may not be able to handle all 6.

What is LitHit?

LitHit creates smart shooting targets that light up on impact. Our devices connect to your smartphone and helps improve your skills with real-time analytics and games.

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