Frequently Asked Questions

What if I hit the device?

The device is protected by an AR500 steel plate angled downward at 45 degrees.

What if the clip is hit?

The clip is extremely small and located high above the target. If it is hit, they are very cheap to replace.

What types of targets are used and how long do they last?

We use our own specialized recyclable plastic targets. They last anywhere from 300-500 rounds.

How is the device mounted?

The device magnetizes to the bottom of most retrievers.

Does it know exactly where I hit?

No, our current device detects a hit vs. no hit. We are starting simple and leaning toward reliability and affordability for our customers. There are targets on the market that detect exact location, but cost 10 times more. We designed this target to be better suited for action sports rather than high accuracy marksmanship.

How many devices can I connect?

We support for up to 8 devices connected to a single tablet.

What is LitHit?

LitHit creates smart shooting targets that light up on impact. Our device connects to an in-range tablet and helps improve your skills with real-time analytics and games.

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