LitHit was developed out of our parents' basement. Our target lights up on impact and provides awesome drills, tactical scenarios, and a competitive edge never seen in the firearms community.

Shooting games only existed on paper and instant feedback was left to those fortunate enough to use steel. We strive to create the most versatile gaming experience a shooter can have at the range. We will not stop until every target is made smart with LitHit.

"When the company makes $1 million in revenue, I have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane (and I'm terrified)." - Eric

Anthony Crivolio

CEO and Co-founder
[email protected]


Shooting has been my knack since I was a kid. From air soft, paintball, archery, all the way up to the real deal...it's my favorite pastime. I'm a self taught shooter that thought up LitHit to help improve my marksmanship. I'm a mechanical engineer from The University of Iowa; searching for the next adrenaline boost, and I'd rather be outdoors. I'll try pretty much anything, so while Eric jumps out of an airplane, I'm shunned from motorcycles while LitHit thrives. He's locking a bird in its cage = (

Eric Mills

CTO and Co-founder
[email protected]


I'm a newbie to the gun industry, but currently training with LitHit targets to get better. Previous to LitHit I worked at wearable tech and data analytics companies. I studied computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When the company makes $1 million in revenue, I have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane (I'm terrified). I'm a die-hard dancer and enjoy shooting pool and archery.

What is LitHit?

LitHit creates smart shooting targets that light up on impact. Our device connects to an in-range tablet and helps improve your skills with real-time analytics and games.

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